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Fun math experiences to share with kids
Bringing math to life is about more than making it fun to learn and practice. In order for kids to see how beautiful and important math is, it has to be a part of their life. Here you can share fun experiences you have shared with kids or fun stories that make kids realize that math is awesome.
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Game Ideas
Do you have a great idea for an educational game? This is the perfect place for you to pitch your idea to get feedback from teachers, parents and us.
Last Post: Alligator Eggs by Dimitar
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Super serious pedagogical discussion
Do you have strong opinions about pedagogy? Then this is the forum for you. Bring your philosophy and scientific evidence to the table for scrutiny and discussion. There might be differences of opinion, but that's totally ok.
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Feedback on DragonBox Numbers
Give us your feedback or discuss with others to help us make the ultimate learning game for early mathematics!
Last Post: Toddler Lock by Anonymous 623009
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Feedback on DragonBox Algebra
Our two algebra games have been out for a while, and we have made many changes and improvements already. Are work is never done though, so we want you help to see how we can make them even better.
Last Post: Too touchy by Dimitar
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Feedback on DragonBox Elements
The only game that brings geometric proof is both simple and difficult at the same time, just like geometry. However; we know that there is room for improvement and we want you to help us by giving us feedback.
Last Post: Selecting stuff by Dimitar
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Special Projects

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